What are my rates? 


A single-page site, adapted for simple and constructed messages, resumes, blogs, or other online curricula.

Rate : starting from 500

Multi-Page Site

5-8 page site, presenting your organization or company, your services, your products and your contact information

Rate : starting from 800

Information and editorial website

Site with a larger number of pages, with a more complex structure and navigation.

Rate: depending on order

The rates above are an indicative price range. The prices are calculated and adjusted according to the customer’s requests: the complexity of the layout, the functionalities requested…  

A website: how much does it cost?

A website is above all a hosting provider and a domain name.  

A domain name usually costs between 6 and 15 dollars per year..
Hosting costs at least 45-50 dollars per year (adapted for small businesses).

There are free solutions for creating and hosting websites. They are not recommended for professionals because they impose advertisements (unwanted and uncontrolled) and do not allow you to obtain a personalized domain name.

I can advise you on the purchase of your domain name and hosting provider..

• • •

A website take time to design and time to develop.  

It is possible to create a completely customized website from scratch, but this requires coding the entire site manually – so it takes a lot of time – and the creation costs can quickly become exorbitant.

For simple orders and more affordable pricing, web and communication professionals therefore often work with content management systems (such as WordPress) and customizable themes.  

I create websites at affordable prices for small budgets, without hidden costs (subscription or commitment).

• • •

A website requires time to maintain 

A site has a life after its release date. Except for static sites, which are not intended to evolve over time, maintenance, updates or the development of new functionalities can generate additional costs.

A site developed on WordPress can be updated by the client (for simple updates and adding content) and can be modified or maintained by any other person or service provider with knowledge of the CMS. This is why it is important to remain the owner of your site: its content, hosting and domain name.

After the delivery and online launch of the site, you can contact me again for maintenance operations or choose to do them yourself. You remain the owner of your site.

Let’s Work Together !

  1.  Contact me: Go to the form at the bottom of the page
  2. I will send you a short questionaire to complete (specifications) to know your wishes and needs
  3. I will send you a quotation according to the wishes you have expressed
  4. You then take a subscription with a hosting provider (e. g. OVH) and buy a domain name (unless existing)
  5. I will install on this hosting provider the CMS and a theme that will serve as a basis for the site
  6. I will personalize the site with your graphic identity
  7. I will integrate your content and media on the site
  8. I will integrate the desired functionalities into the site
  9. I test the site and correct anomalies
  10. The website will be delivered and published
  11. I will send you a PDF guide to help you administer and modify your site  

Delay: between 2 and 8 weeks for the creation of a website, depending on the initial specifications and the chosen functionalities.


Contact me

For an information request, a price quote, or simply to contact me. Feel free to send me a message..