Website Creation

• Are you a small business, an association, or a freelancer?

• • Do you need a website for presenting your activities on the internet and gaining visibility with your audience or customers?

• • • I create websites at affordable prices on WordPress, without commitment or for having to pay for a subscription service.

A presence on the internet has become essential. Internet research is now a part of everyday life. A good website, with a neat design, optimized for all screen sizes, will increase your credibility, testify to your professionalism and allow you to increase your notoriety.

A site adapted towards your needs

A site adapted to your needs, your budget and in accordance with your graphic identity.
A site with a clear, intuitive and efficient navigation.
A site compatible with desktops, mobiles and tablets.
A site optimized for search engine optimization.
A site that belongs to you and whose content you can easily manage and modify.


A single-page site, adapted for simple and constructed messages, resumes, blogs, or other online curricula.

Multi-Page Site

5-8 page site, presenting your organization or company, your services, your products and your contact information.

Information and editorial website

Site with a larger number of pages, with a more complex structure and navigation.

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